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At Les Arnauds, we consider that the well-being of the body and the mind are essential, and that daily stress contributes to physical and psychological problems. Along with a stay in one of our guest rooms, we also offer sessions with a kinesiologist, an osteopath and a Shiatsu master to help you rebalance the energies of your body and mind.


Kinesiology is stress management, a non-invasive method that helps reduce physical, mental and emotional stress and pain by improving the body’s balance and capabilities.

Through specific muscle testing, this method identifies blockages and their origins, and by releasing these blockages helps relieve stress and balance the body.

This different, all-round, complementary approach to body balancing does not replace necessary medication.

Practitioner : Sheila Spencer – Kinesiologist / Neurotrainer


Osteopathy is a manual practice which treats the body’s mobility restrictions (joints, bones, internal organs) enabling the body to return to a healthy state.

Osteopathy does not only treat pain in the back and joints, but also in internal organs, enabling the treatment of functional pathologies, such as gastro-oesophagian reflux, constipation and other pains in the abdominal sphere.

Osteopathy is also very good for children and babies.

Practitioner : Alexandre Grafeuille, Osteopath D.O.



Shiatsu, literally translated as “digital pressure”, is a Japanese way of treating the body to remain healthy, influencing and improving the state of Ki (vital energy) contained in the body.

The principles of Shiatsu are true to the laws of nature, they respect and use the relationship we have with it. Shiatsu uses the best part of our innate reaction through touch.

Mainly oriented toward the search for well-being, the Shiatsu practitioner stimulates the circulation of energy within the body by massaging. Based on Chinese traditional medicine, a Shiatsu session will help you totally relax while balancing your energy levels.

Practitioner : Elisabeth Mauche-Siguier


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